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floral wedding center piece with custom cocktail by peco's liquor store

Peco's Wedding Beverage Planning Guide

Congratulations on beginning your journey down the road to forever. Planning your dream wedding is a lot of work, and at times can be a little stressful. Let us help you reduce your stress and save! When you let us help you plan your wedding you receive 10% off your total purchase of wine and liquor in addition to the following.  Fill our the form below to get started! 

  • Free custom cocktail creation
  • Free consultation services
  • Custom bottle engraving
  • Whiskey / Wine Tasting 
  • 10% off your total purchase of wine and liquor
Wedding table with beverage package by peco's liquor store
Bourbon event tasting

Whiskey Tasting Perfect For Any Event...

We provide the decor, tasting glasses, whiskey expert, and everything else needed to make your event just a little more special.  Perfect for cocktail hour, repetitions, bachelor parties, cooperate events, fundraisers.  For more information fill our our wedding and event form below! 

Custom Bottle Engraving

Custom engraved bottles make an amazing gift, or party favor!  We are proud to offer this service in partnership with Blacksheep Theory.   We can engrave any bottle of wine, champagne, or liquor, as well as glassware.   Mini bottles make great bridal shower favors.  For more information fill out the form below! 

This Service is perfect for 

  • Party Favors 
  • Bridal Gifts
  • Wedding Party Gifts 
  • Cooperate Gifts 
  • Much More! 

Beverage Planning Guide

No one knows your guests and their preferences better than you; no two wedding orders look the same. It is helpful, however, to use this guide to aid in your planning. To determine the amount of product you will need, assume that your guests will have two drinks the first hour of the reception and one drink for each additional hour.


one drink is: 12 oz of beer, 5 oz of wine, or 1.5 oz of liquor
    Servings Per Bottle 

Cocktails, Mixed drinks (1.5 oz liquor servings)
Bottle Size          Servings Per Bottle
750 ml                                   16
1 liter                                     22
1.75                                       39
Wine, Champagne, Sparkling wines (5 oz wine servings)
Bottle size             Servings Per Bottle
750 ml                                    5
    1.5 L                                 10