beer gamesCelebrate the newlyweds with more than a toast this year — incorporate a few beer games at your wedding to get your guests in the party ‘spirit.’ Here are three great beer games to play at your wedding reception.

1. Drunk Jenga

With the costs of the average wedding skyrocketing, this is a beer game that doesn’t have to break the bank. Unfortunately, it does require a bit of preparation: every Jenga block needs to have a prompt to get the player or players to drink. The go-to drunk Jenga game usually incorporates truth or dare questions or commands for the players, but this can be easily spun for a wedding. Write true or false about the bride and the groom, or make someone give an ad-lib toast for a member at the table. Your guests will have fun celebrating your wedding while drinking a little alcohol in the process.

2. Never Have I Ever – Wedding Edition

Never have I ever is a tried and true drinking game that will be sure break the ice among your guests. Weddings can be awkward since friends, family, and in-laws are all in one room, and most of them have never met one another before today. Never Have I Ever is a game played with a group of people — the larger the better — that attempts to get others to drink if they have participated in a task before. So, if you’ve never been skiing and say this on your turn, those in the room that have been skiing need to put down a finger and drink! First one out of fingers needs to finish their glass. Make it wedding-themed by saying things you’ve never done at a wedding.

3. Bride and Groom Trivia

What’s great about this game is its size: it can be played at a table, or you can get the entire reception involved if you have a microphone. Similar to some of the ideas behind Drunk Jenga, Bride and Groom Trivia is fairly self-explanatory. A leader asks a series of questions about either spouse and if you get it wrong you drink. If you get the most answers right, adding a prize at the end can make for fun competition between guests.

With over 44,000 weddings taking place each weekend, it can be hard to spice up your reception, even if you have a great wedding liquor list. Consider visiting your local craft beer seller for unique options to drink while you play these fun beer games at your wedding.