America loves alcohol: the industry makes approximately $219 billion each year. From liquor to wine and everything in between, the demand for alcohol is one that never ceases — even on Sunday, the traditional Christian day of rest.

In the days of prohibition — or rather, right after prohibition — many states decided to ban the sale of alcohol on Sunday. These laws are known as blue laws (or Sunday laws), and Texas is one of the few remaining states that has yet to repeal theirs. However, that may be changing: State Representative Richard Peña Raymond from Laredo has recently filed a new bill that would allow liquor stores to be open seven days a week, from 9 am to 10 pm Monday through Saturday and noon to 10 pm Sunday.

Considering the fact that Texas already permits the sale of all other alcoholic beverages (from wine and spirits to craft beer) on Sundays in bars, restaurants, clubs, grocery and convenience stores, and hotels, it seems like Bill 1100 is a given.

“I think it would actually be a good idea to open Sunday. The reason being we are a small chain, we would have a couple of employees in the evening a couple of employees in the daytime, I’m pretty sure it would be profitable for us. Also, we can offer a better service to our community,” said Michael Jones, Owner of Jones Liquor. In fact, he said that “there isn’t a day that goes by” where customers will see his car in the parking lot (as he’s stopped by on a Sunday to check the inventory) and begin knocking on the store’s locked door, hoping to make a purchase despite knowing Jones can’t legally sell to them.

The original Sunday law was created in 1935 by the Texas Liquor Control Act after the repeal of Prohibition. Texas’ only remaining blue laws affect liquor stores and car dealerships, so it seems that the change is one that everybody is ready for. Should Bill 1100 pass, the new act will go into effect on September first of this year.