liquor for weddingPlanning a wedding is a long and often challenging process, but one of the most important decisions couples need to make involves liquor for weddings. Will there be an open bar? Is a signature cocktail in the works? A decision must be made!

If you’re still on the fence, here are a few advantages of both open bars and signature cocktails. We’ll leave it to you to decide which is best after reading!

Open Bars
If there’s one thing wedding guests love, it’s an open bar. In the words of Chandra Keel, owner of Chandra Keel Events in Phoenix, “Who doesn’t love an open bar?” Here are a few advantages of this option:

  • The Guests
    Above all else, guests love open bars. It allows them to choose between local brews, wine and spirits, or other imagined cocktails the bar offers. The options are practically endless and free, which makes for an excellent guest experience.
  • Easier for You
    Fortunately, an open bar really takes the choosing out of the equation. If you plan the budget for it, then there really isn’t anything to decide. It really eliminates the need to crunch numbers and experiment with liquor for weddings.
  • It’s a Party
    There’s no denying that a few drinks can help guests loosen up and try their luck on the dance floor. While it’s important to set a limit, the option to have a few drinks can make guests feel more welcome and social.

Signature Cocktails
What’s more unique than a wedding day hashtag? A wedding day signature drink, crafted by you and your beloved. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with crafting a signature cocktail for your big day:

  • Personality
    Above all else, your signature drink provides an opportunity to show off your personality. Is it bubbly and sweet? Rich and buttery? Whatever you decide, it’s a reflection of you on your special day.
  • Looks Good
    Not only are you showing off your personality in a signature drink, you’re showing your guests that you really can do it all. There are 97 million liquor drinkers in the U.S., and the fact that you’ve taken the time to taste and craft a signature drink just for your liquor-consuming guests says a lot.
  • Cost Control
    While there’s a cap for open bar costs, crafting a signature drink and offering beer or wine as supplementary alcohol for your guests does cut costs quite a bit. Not only that, but it doesn’t look cheap. Taking the time to craft a drink really does make a statement!

No matter how you choose to serve liquor for weddings, it’s important to consider the benefits of every option. With any luck, you’ll find a way that makes your big day all the more special to you and your guests.