If you’ve been keeping up with the latest liquor trends, you know that wine is extremely popular, especially among millennials. In fact, in 2015, millennials drank 159.6 million cases, that’s 42%, of all the wine sold in the United States. If you’re a millennial, you might just be starting out drinking wine and spirits, and walking into a liquor store may seem very overwhelming. Hopefully, these tips will be able to help you out.

Know the basic kinds and what you like

There are several different types of wines in liquor stores, so narrowing your search down will make your life easier. First, know if you like red wine or white wine better. After that, know which kind of each you like the best. The easiest way to tell is how sweet or dry you like your wine. If you like a sweeter wine, then pick a Moscato (white) or a Cabernet Sauvignon (red). If you like dry wines, pick a Pinot Grigio (white) or a Merlot (red).

Watch out for discounts

You might walk into a liquor store and get excited because there is wine on sale. When this happens, take a step back and think about why this wine is on sale. There are typically two major reasons wine goes on sale. It’s either past its ideal window of consumption or it’s not selling well and the store wants to get rid of it. Do you want to drink wine under either of those circumstances?

Utilize technology

As a millennial, you know how much easier technology makes your life. Well, you can apply it in this circumstance too. That’s right, there’s an app for that. There are tons of smartphone apps that can help you with your wine selection. These apps allow you to discover things like enhanced tasting notes, food pairing, and ratings from other wine lovers.

The best part about finding the kinds of wines you like is the experimentation. There are so many wines, and you can try them all. You might love some and hate others, but at least you get to drink to figure it all out!