liquorIt’s no secret — food and drink have the power to unite people. No matter a person’s culture, country of origin, or language, simply breaking bread and cracking open a drink is the greatest way to learn more about them.

This is especially true when it comes to alcoholic drinks, from local brews, different types of wines, to homemade liquor. What’s even better is that there are a ton of fun and unique drinking traditions from around the world to learn about. Here we will explain some of the most interesting drinking traditions from around the world to get those drinks flowing.


During Ukrainian weddings, it is a fun custom for guests to try to steal the bride’s shoe while she is sitting. If they are successful in this feat, the theft will ask other guests to do a task so the bride can earn the shoe back. One popular request is to drink from the shoe, by placing a pint glass inside the shoe.


Another interesting wedding tradition comes from Deutschland. After the wedding feast, the groomsmen will kidnap the bride and take her to a nearby bar, where they will rack up the tab and buy drinks for strangers. Once the groom finds them, he’s not only there to retrieve the bride, but to pay the entire tab!


While younger drinkers tend to be thirstier than older, drinking on average 3.1 glasses a night, in Japan, it is important to respect your elders, no matter what they’re drinking. To do this, it is rude to pour your own drink, rather it is customary to pour everyone’s in your group, and not stop until everyone is done drinking.


We all know that Russians take their liquor very seriously, especially vodka. And because of this, consuming anything but vodka neat is considered an abomination. Additionally, they believe that once the bottle of vodka is open, you can’t leave the table until it is all gone.

So what tradition is your favorite? Here at Peco’s liquors, we like them all.

We hope that these fun international traditions give you some inspiration for the next time you head down to the brewery. Cheers!