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It’s July, which means that we’re deep enough into summer that the only goal is to beat the heat. With so many parts of the country hot and muggy, the idea of getting together for any kind of outdoor festivity is unthinkable. But if you’re determined to get festive in the back half of the summer, we’ve got festive summer cocktails for every palate. Ranging from bright and festive to dark and moody, each of these signature cocktails will have your guests asking “where is the liquor store near me?” when they try to recreate each one.

If You’re a Whiskey Lover


Give your party a touch of old world glam with a Boulevardier. Made from Campari, bourbon, and sweet vermouth, and served up with an orange twist, the Boulevardier is a complex, multilayered interpretation of another classic cocktail: the Negroni. With its air of sophistication and classic cocktail feel, this drink is perfect for viewing parties for your favorite prestige show.

Recommended Spirits: Maker’s Mark Cask Strength, Knob Creek


If You Prefer Vodka


If you’re looking for something to liven up your brunch on a hot summer day, forget the gas station and ask yourself “where’s the liquor store near me?” with these Beat the Heat Slushies. Made with white wine, vodka, and frozen fruit, these crowd-pleasing favorites can be customized with any number of fruit and juice combinations to make sure that they perfectly compliment whatever you’re serving.

Recommended Spirits: Dogfish Head Analog Vodka, Smirnoff


For the Rum Lover


The mojito is a summer staple for any rum lover who’s looking to cool off when weather gets hot. But why not take advantage of seasonal produce and make the most of your cocktails? A Blood Orange Mojito combines fresh mint, blood orange juice, white rum, and club soda for a citrusy twist on a classic that’s sure to go down smooth. The best part? This recipe is one of the most easily customizable for partygoers who aren’t able to imbibe. Just swap the rum for a slightly bigger splash of club soda and a little more orange juice for a mocktail that’s sure to please.

Recommended Spirits: The Kraken Ghost, Bacardi Silver


If Tequila Is Your Go-To


With its reputation as the spirit to get the party started, finding a tequila cocktail can present a little more of a challenge, but fear not! It can be done. If you’re looking for something beyond typical margaritas and palomas, a Blackberry Sage Tequila Smash is a classy alternative that marries the sweetness of blackberries with the herbal complexity of sage. Grapefruit juice compliments the tequila and keeps the cocktail from venturing into sickly sweet territory, making for an afternoon of easy sipping that will soothe even the most divisive of tequila drinkers in your party.

Recommended Spirits: 1800, Calzadores


If You’re Feeling Adventurous


One of the most common questions asked is “how can the liquor store near me help me get adventurous with my drinks?” Filled with spirits that look more like they belong on an apothecary’s shelf than a liquor cabinet, cordials can intimidate buyers into thinking that they’re only suitable for one use, after which they’ll be doomed to sitting unused on a shelf. However, a cordial’s potential is only as limited as your imagination. For example: the visually-striking Waterloo Sunset combines St. Germain elderflower liqueur with gin, champagne, and raspberry liqueur for a delicate, beautiful cocktail that will have every party attendee wondering where you scored your recipe.

Recommended Spirits: The sky is the limit! Visit our cordial section or ask one of our staff to see where to get started.


Summertime doesn’t have to mean submitting to the heat, just like parties don’t mean having to trot out the same boring cocktails time and time again. After all, alcohol is a $219.52 billion industry, which means that liquor stores are getting more creative than ever. Ask yourself “what can the liquor store near me do for my party?” and the answer may surprise you. Let us know about your favorite summer cocktails in the comments below.