growlersWedding season is coming up again quickly, and if you’re getting married this year, it’s time to think about your big day’s theme. Many people choose a classic wedding and many choose a rustic-theme. But what if you love craft beer? What about having a craft beer-themed wedding?

If you plan to base your wedding on your love for the beverage, as well as your significant other, there are some things you need to do. Here are some tips for planning the craft brewery-themed wedding of your dreams.

First, it’s absolutely necessary that you use hops or wheat in the flowers or boutonniere. This is the easiest way to say “yeah, we love beer!” You can use hops and wheat from a local brew house to add a little hometown pride into the mix. If you want the wheat and hops all over the place, you can even put them in the flowers that will sit on tables. If you plan to work them into your table settings, talk to your florist to see if they know how to work with them.

Use Growlers as Favors or Decor

A really easy thing you can do is take growlers and use them as reception decor. You can fill them with flowers, use them as table water pitchers, or place them around the room as a simple decoration. If you have a small wedding, you can fill them and pass them out as favors at the end of the night. This is definitely a favor someone will love.

Have Your Wedding or Reception at an Actual Brewery

If you have a small enough wedding, you can actually consider having the ceremony and reception at your favorite brewery. This is a great option because the beer will already be on tap, space will be large enough, and they definitely have bathrooms!

If you’re a local beer lover, why not have your wedding theme around your one true love (aside from the person you’re marrying, of course.) Every weekend an average of 44,230 weddings take place, so why not be the one in that grouping that has their wedding surrounded by beer?