Lost Palate IPA

Beer of the week 3/2/20

This weeks beer is Lost Palate a mango and cinnamon hazy IPA brought to you by Goose Island Brewery. A very interesting and delicious beer with a very cool back story.

Lost Palate pours a pale gold color with moderate cloudiness and a nice cream color head. You get a burst of mango and hops on the nose that is pleasing. On first taste it presents as fresh mango that is both bright and refreshing, followed by the sweet-spicy cinnamon that blends perfectly with the bitterness of the hops. It sports a moderate ABV at 6.3% (Alcohol By Volume) and a lower IBU of 45 (International Bitterness Units). This beer would pair perfectly with some spicy Thai or Indian food. Lost Palate is available at Peco’s Liquor at 15% off all week.

Lost Palate is dedicated to Jonny, a long time Goose Island employee. Jonny, and Brewer Quinn, came up with this recipe after Jonny’s recent victorious battle with cancer. Jonny lost the ability to taste many flavors, an unfortunate consequence of battling cancer. He almost completely lost his palate and mangos and cinnamon were two of the few things he was still able to taste. This beer pays tribute to the flavors that were never lost.

Goose Island Beer Company is a brewery in Chicago, Illinois, that began as a single brewpub opened in 1988 in Lincoln Park, Chicago, and named after a nearby island.