wedding liquor list

Getting married is one of life’s great joys. You’re surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones who have come together exclusively to celebrate your happiness. As fun and wonderful as the Big Day is itself, there are days and days of work that go into its planning; since weddings are often associated with constantly-flowing alcohol, figuring out your wedding liquor list is chief among your priorities — trust us, the centerpieces can wait! Here are some wedding bar DON’TS that will ensure the night runs smoothly.

Don’t Offer Too Many Options

Your wedding liquor list should be varied, yet short; offer three different types of liquor (usually gin, vodka, and whiskey), two types of wine (a white and a red), one type of sparkling wine or champagne (for toasts), and one or two types of beer. Obviously, these can change depending on your preferences and the preferences of your guests (if you’re all beer drinkers, you can opt for more beer options), but there is a thing as too much choice; as long as you’re only offering what you need, you’ll be fine.

Don’t Opt For Self-Serve

This is inherently a bad idea. A self-serve bar may seem fun in the beginning (especially if it’s saving you a considerable amount of money), it’s more than likely going to end in chaos; it’s bound to get messy, people will probably overdrink, and children may get their hands on things they shouldn’t. Hiring a bartender may be expensive, but it’ll take the stress and worry over the bar out of the equation.

Don’t Forget The People Who Don’t Drink

As much as this nation loves alcohol (97.97 million Americans consume liquor, not to mention those wine-only folks) not everybody drinks it. Make sure you cater to their needs — whether they’re the designated driver, underage, or simply uninterested in booze — by offering non-alcoholic options. At least one mocktail should be available so everyone can enjoy a fancy beverage!

Whether you’re getting married in a brewery or a barn, your bar matters. Avoid the hassle of a messy (or dangerous) evening by following the above tips. Once you’ve got your wedding liquor list all taken care of, you’ll find that your Big Day will go off without a hitch.