local beerBeer is an extremely popular drink of choice for many all around the world. There are so many different types of beer to choose from that, sometimes, it may be hard to decide which one you want.

In 2015, the number of functioning breweries in the United States grew 15%, totaling 4,269 breweries, which is the most at any time in American history. People will travel far and wide just to visit the coolest breweries and drink the coolest local beers on the market. If you’re traveling to Delaware and are looking for the best local beers, keep on reading for a few of the state’s favorites.

Mispillion River Brewing Reach Around Ale

This beer didn’t always go by this name. In fact, it used to be called Greenway IPA and has gained insane success over the last few years. This craft beer is great for those who love a hoppy flavor. A bunch of hops is added toward the end of the brewing process, which gives it its standout flavor. This is definitely one you won’t forget.

Dogfish Head Namaste

If you’re looking for one of the most popular beer brands in Delaware, look no further than Dogfish Head. With its wide popularity across the country, the brewery produces something for everyone. One of the most popular beers to try is their ‘Namaste.’ Namaste is a lighter beer in comparison to other Dogfish Head choices, and consumers can really taste the orange and lemongrass hints. It’s one of the fastest growing local beers.

Stewart’s Saphir Abbey Single

Are you looking for a Belgian beer? Check out Stewart’s Saphir Abbey Single! Brewed with their German Saphir hops and Belgian Westmalle yeast, this beer is refreshing on a warm summer day. The taste is reminiscent a floral bouquet, but in a good way.

Fordham Gypsy Helles Lager

For those searching for a simple beer, pick up a pint of Fordham Gypsy Helles Lager. This beer uses three hop varieties and four different grains to give it a delicious taste. You’ll notice that this beer has a beautiful golden color that you simply won’t be able to resist.

Heading to Delaware? Check out a few of the beers listed above! You won’t regret it!